A written expression of the logical connection between words and ideas
Arbitrary constraints give way to complexity
a pleasant irony


Pants, pants, they keep off the ants.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner's Pissed-off Crewman

Some dude on our ship
Had a very bad trip
And some crazy stuff like you ain't heard;

Some ice lay ahead
Then we're saved by a bird
But that dude shot it dead
What a turd

So we said "what the heck?"
Put the bird on his neck
Then some spooks came on by for a stroll;

Nice going, cap
Now they're both playing craps
And the bet is our lives and your soul

Then I think we all died
But the spooks let him slide
Though I'm sure the place did start to stink;

Then we came back to life
After all of the strife
And the stupid old boat starts to sink


Spoilers lay ahead;
So skip this poem instead
just stop right now if you know how
or face impending dread

Soilent green is people;
Darth Vader is Luke's dad
I'll tell you all the secrets
though it might make you mad

Rosebud is a sled;
The Sixth Sense guy is dead
I know you can't stop reading
Though you're probably seeing red

Planet of the Apes is Earth;
In Imposter they're both clones
If you haven't seen it coming
Man, it chills you to the bone

The crying game gal's a guy
The Wicker Man's gonna fry
So take them off your netflix list
And tell me I should die

A message gone unheeded
So skip your big complaint
I told you not to read it
Next time show some restraint