Lua is a lightweight programming language usually used to extend other programs. In this case, I use lua in emulators to add new functionality to games.

Emulators with Lua (WIP)


Power Blade

This script is intended to make the game a little more challenging and fun. Some enemies are modified, but the main feature is adding guest enemies. At the moment, you can add the eagles from ninja gaiden and the flying shells from megaman. The guest enemy positions can be saved and loaded with the script. Currently you will have to add them yourself, but I'd like to save several modification files in the future.


  • (Many changes, to be detailed later)

Download 29.9KB

Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight

This script is designed to improve some of the control issues, as well as other issues.
  • Time limit for final stage increased from 200 to 300
  • Time limit reset after cut scene on final stage
  • Ability to shoot multiple times in the air
  • Ability to shoot up in the air
  • Ability to shoot down in the air without doing a backflip jump
  • Changed ground kick shot to attack low
  • Remove delay from start of walking state
  • Jump straight up while on wall by pressing A + up
  • Backflip off wall by pressing A + up + away from wall
  • Press start to skip target screen (Currently may require more than one press)
  • Display quote when script is started while title screen is showing


  • Invincibility
  • Infinite HP
  • Full power
  • Infinite time
  • Press select to warp to next level

Download 19.6KB

Bionic Commando

This script lets the player select a rocket pack instead of the Bionic Arm. I've fixed a number of issues, but there may be some bugs, especially with the jump option.

Download 3.84KB

Super Mario Bros. 2

Instant in-game character switching by pressing select.

— Changes:
— * Change character in game by pressing select
— ToDo/Issues/Bugs:
— * Pressing select when not in game can cause undesired effects, such as
— distorted graphics, wrong palette.
— * Luigi gravity isn't quite perfect
— * Some things may not change when switching, like root holding position .
— * Character switching can be abused in some ways, like continuing a
— princess float with another character, or switching mid-jump with toad
— to get a higher jump with Luigi. A good fix would be to make switching
— only possible on the ground, or have switching cancel a jump.

Download 6.08KB

Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! Harukanaru Kin Medal

This script takes Japanese text as it's being printed to the screen
and attempts to print the romanized text to the console.

Download 7.69KB

Castlevania 2


— Changes:
— * Message speed increased
— * New patterns for Dracula (needs work and balancing)
— * Improved Death boss
— * Improved Carmilla boss
— * Skeletons can turn around
— * Improved skulls, ghosts, medusa heads
— * Improved floating eyes
— * All fireballs should now face proper direction
— * Don't re-fight Bosses
— * Fireballs (except those created by script) are destructable
— * Change dagger to Banshee Boomerang.
— * Fixed spelling "Prossess" -> "Possess"
— * Changed floating skull movment
— * Lock boss rooms
— * GUI elements for hearts, sp weapon, time, location.
— Debug and experimental stuff (may not be in the final version):
— * Cheats
— * Frame tester
— * Bat mode
— * Banshee boomerang instead of dagger
— ToDo/Issues/Bugs:
— * Snakes should turn before jumping
— * Ferryman shouldn't bounce off the dock and leave
— * Custom projectiles need a better hit method. Currently
— It simply creates holy fire where the projectile was.
— * Custom projectiles may disappear on non-enemy objects
— such as moving platforms.
— * Banshee Boomerang sometimes disappears unexpectedly.
— Seems to happen when scrolled to or away from the bottom.
— * Blood Skeletons
— * Holy water burn effect
— * Don't get items you already have (Dracula's parts, etc)
— * Improve sub screen cursor management
— * Messages to fix: 0d 1e

Download 29.1KB